We pride ourselves on providing excellent research support that is precisely tailored to the individual needs of each client project. We can help clients frame the research question, design the protocol, choose the right analytical strategy, find and analyze the right data, and write it up for publication. We can handle the most extensive and demanding assignment from beginning to end, or provide ad-hoc assistance to supplement a client’s resources at a specific phase of a larger research program.

SAGE Analytica can assist with all stages of a project

Phase I: Designing the Protocol
  • Problem definition
  • Landscape analysis
  • Identification of data needs
Phase II: Project Staging
  • Research strategy
  • Study design
  • SAGE Analytica expert team formation
  • Data acquisition
Phase III: Analysis
  • Analysis and interpretation
  • Determination of broad significance
Phase IV: Communicating Results
  • Reporting to client
  • Writing and submission of scientific papers
  • PowerPoint briefings for conferences, corporate clients
  • Press releases and public communication strategy