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Sage President Lone Simonsen

Journalists frequently turn to Sage President Lone Simonsen (who also is a Professor of Global Health at George Washington University) for insight as they write stories about vaccine effectiveness, flu epidemiology, the 1918 influenza pandemic, and more. Here’s a sample.

Virus that caused flu pandemic dominates again (New Scientist)

Vaccination Plans and Global Ties Tested by H1N1 Pandemic, Experts Say (Science)

Portrait of a year-old pandemic (Nature)

Flu jab link to increased H1N1 risk: study (AFP)

Swine Flu Death Toll Since April Is Nearly 10,000 (New York Times)

Flu Pandemic Could Be Mildest on Record (Washington Post)

2009 H1N1 Pandemic Mortality

A study assessing global mortality from the 2009 H1N1 flu pandemic in which Sage played a lead role was covered extensively in the press.

W.H.O. Estimate of Swine Flu Deaths in 2009 Rises Sharply (New York Times)

2009 Flu Pandemic Was 10 Times More Deadly Than Previously Thought (NPR)

Americas especially hard hit by 2009 swine flu, study find (NBC News)

H1N1 influenza virus killed 10 times more than estimated in 2009 (L.A, Times)

Vaccine effectiveness

We have written extensively on influenza vaccine effectiveness, arguing repeatedly that flu vaccines do not prevent flu-related deaths nearly so well as had been supposed. This idea was at first controversial. But over time our work helped shift thinking about how best to protect seniors from flu, and focussed attention on the need for better vaccine formulations.

Flu Vaccine Mortality Benefits For Elderly Vastly Overstated

Doubts Grow Over Flu Vaccine in Elderly (New York Times)

Study Questions Flu Shot's Value for Older People (Washington Post)

NIH Scientists Describe Ways to Accurately Assess Mortality (NIH Press Release)

Flu jab may not work for oldest patients (Guardian, London)

Pandemic Planning and Emerging Infectious Diseases

Sage has a strong interest in the history of infectious disease, especially the 1918 influenza epidemic and how it relates to current pandemic planning policy.

Pandemic Influenza Research Paper in Major influenza blog CIDRAP Oct 2008