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Robert J. Taylor, Ph.D.
Managing Member

Dr. Robert Taylor, co-founder and CEO of Sage Analytica, is an expert in science policy analysis and scientific communication, and has in-depth knowledge of infectious disease epidemiology. His specialty is analysis and communication of issues at the intersection of infectious diseases, scientific research, information technology, and policy formulation.

Dr. Taylor received a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Georgetown University in 1993, where he conducted research into the biophysical properties of peptide antibiotics. He sidestepped academia to become a science journalist, writing hundreds of magazine-length articles about virtually every field in the biomedical sciences: infectious diseases, protein structure, neuroscience, epidemiology, genomics, genetic engineering, and HIV/AIDS. After a stint at the NIH Office of Science Education, where he created a Web-based magazine for high school students and oversaw other science education projects, he embarked on a consulting career. His clients include the National Academies of Science, the Institute of Medicine, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and the Office of the Director at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Dr. Taylor has written extensively on bio-defense, science policy, and infectious diseases and vaccine research, and has co-authored 12 scientific papers.